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All States Medicaid, Inc. was founded in 1997 by John S. Coffey, our current president. Medicaid has always been the primary focus of John’s career. He has seen the process from all aspects, beginning with claim management for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to a large Boston hospital with over 35% in Medicaid services, to an agency specializing in receivables outsourcing. Along the way, he determined there was a distinct need for a service to assist hospitals of all sizes in the collection of claims previously written off due to the time and complexity needed for processing. Facilities did not always have the available staff to master the various rules, regulations, and billing requirements needed to successfully collect from states foreign to their own. Compiling a knowledgeable and experienced staff that deals solely with Medicaid and Medicaid products from across the country, All States Medicaid, Inc. provides a valuable service to hospital clients.